Testimonals From Parents & Students

From Parents

“Charlotte joined All Stars Academy when she was 6 years old. She has grown up with Phil and Elly and the classes have been a staple in her life to the present day. She’s now 17! This is a wonderful school which instils confidence and teaches children and young adults how to work as a team and be part of amazing productions together. I can’t say enough good things about this fantastic Academy. Thank you Phil and Elly for everything. We will be sad when Charlotte leaves next year.”

Elaine Redmond 

“I have five girls and they have all attended Ballet at the All Stars Academy with Miss Elly. It is very professionally run and the girl’s love going to her Ballet class. She is a kind and caring teacher that gets the best out of her students.”

Denise O Sullivan Moran

“Our son Eóin tried out lots of different sports and other group activities but never enjoyed any until he tried Speech and Drama with Phil and Elly. He has dyslexia and I was apprehensive about him having to read poems/scripts but it hasn’t been an issue at all and he loves it. Phil and Elly are fantastic and approachable with any concerns and his confidence in himself has grown.”

Loretta Heaney

“Lucy has been enjoying Speech and Drama with Ellie and Phil for three years, she loves it! Lucy my daughter said “I love the fun and the acting”.

Tracey Scanlon

“My daughter Tori thoroughly enjoys her classes each week and has excelled in all of her grades. Thanks to her amazing teacher Elly who has a lovely relationship with her students. Highly recommend!”

Joan Morris

“All Stars Academy has been a truly positive experience for my child who has been attending ballet classes for five years now. Miss Elly and Phil are kind and professional. The quality of teaching is second to none. The skills my daughter has learned have not only progressed her as a dancer but also carry over and benefit her everyday as positive life skills. I would highly recommend this school of dance and drama.”

Joan Condon. Student: Erin Kelly. Ballet Grade 1

“Ballet lessons with Miss Ellie are fun, progressive and have really enhanced my daughter’s love for dancing. She is making good progress through the grades and especially enjoys being in the shows. Speech and Drama classes with Phil and Miss Ellie have helped my daughter become much more confident in speaking and performing in front of people. She always has great fun and has made new friends outside of school.”

Janine Hoban

“Beth has really grown in confidence attending Drama classes.  Lots of poems and scripts and most of all… lots of fun!!  Beth and Emily also adore their ballet classes.  Wonderful ballet teachers, lovely social interaction within the groups and superb performances that showcase all ages and levels.”

Dee Scully

“Phil and Elly are very easy to talk to and are very caring. They work well with children. We would highly recommend All Stars Academy of Performing Arts.”

Joanna Barrett

“All Stars Academy is a wonderful place to learn dance and drama. Ellie and Cara have had the privilege of being students for the past 3 and 4 years respectively. They have grown in confidence, made friends, developed a love of dance and music.  They are genuinely excited each week when it is on and practice without encouragement. The staff are very professional and encouraging and teach in a nurturing environment with genuine care for the students. It is a great fun form of exercise and teaches good posture, grace, elegance, style and discipline. Miss Elly is a real lady and a perfect role model for any student.”


“All Stars Drama Academy has been beneficial to our child’s creative development. Since day one he has grown in confidence and excelled in a safe, relaxed environment. I would strongly recommend them to any parent wanting to see their child progress in drama.”

Sean Butler

“The 2pm Saturday ballet class has been the highlight of Grace’s week for the last 6 years. It has boosted her confidence and helped interaction with her peers.”


“All Stars Academy, Elly and Phil provide professional training while keeping the atmosphere light, fun and enjoyable. Our daughter was a pupil for almost 14 years and she enjoyed her time in All Stars immensely, while also receiving quality training to achieve success in exams. We look forward to seeing many shows in the future.”

Eilish O’Reilly

“Kaylagh joined All Stars Academy 5 years ago. It was the best thing she done. Kaylagh had been shy child and would not interact with other children or participate in anything. But after some time in All Stars Academy Kaylagh was a completely different child. She was full of confidence and participated in everything.  I would highly recommend All Stars Academy  and thank Eleanor and Phil for the fantastic work they are doing.”

Amanda M

“Early in the new millennium, my daughters Síoda and Sibéal Finnerty joined All-Stars Academy. Síoda was 3 years old and Sibéal was only 2. I had no idea then that All-Stars would become such a big part of our lives for the next 17 years. They both did ballet and speech and drama and they loved both disciplines They were on stage acting and dancing for the next 17 years. Starting with ‘Billy Elliot’ in Shrule Hall and their last performance was in the T.F theatre in Castlebar. They also did all the grade exams. All Stars Academy gave them confidence and social skills which have proved invaluable to them in life. They developed friendships which have lasted to this day. They both agree that some of their best memories are from their time at All Stars. A huge thanks to Elly and Phil and All Stars! We would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Paula Walsh (Finnerty)

From Present Pupils

“I’m Aimee and I’ve being doing ballet for 6 yrs at All Stars Academy. When I started at 4, I would admire the ballet skills of the older girls/boys. I’m so happy to say that I have learned so many dances and also learned some French words throughout my years here. I’ve taken part in many of the shows, from Shrek to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & had so much fun. My family also love coming to the shows. I look forward to many more years of dance, learning & fun.”

Aimee Cusack

“Ms Elly and Phil are nice and kind. You will make new friends and enjoy the lessons” said by 

Conor Jordan

“All Stars Academy, a wonderful experience from an early age. Always feel welcome, and at home, comfortable in my skin no matter how I’m feeling, Most of all it’s the best fun in the world with drama, ballet and contemporary dance.”

Eva and Mairead

“I love dance and drama thanks to Ellie and Phil.”

Sophie M

“My name is Keely and I have been doing ballet and drama for over 12 years and I love it, I have made so many friends from it and it is a very fun and welcoming environment to be in. Phil and Elly are amazing teachers and always look out for us.”

Keely K

“Both me and my older sister couldn’t recommend All Stars enough! I definitely wouldn’t have the confidence I have now if not for drama and ballet classes and I’ve of course made unforgettable friends!”

Yana Nungesser

“I am Grace Davoren King, I am a 11years old, at 5 years old I joined All Stars Academy and I have trained there ever since. I was one for dancing when I was young and when I joined All Stars Academy, I loved it and still do. I love All Stars Academy because I learn so much without having too much pressure on me.”

Grace King

“I’ve been with Phil and Elly for about 10 years They are always encouraging you to do your best whether it is on stage or doing your drama exams. We learn about different Shakespeare plays and characters. I have made lots of new friends and I look forward to my drama class each week”


“I played Michael in Mary Poppins and Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Really enjoyed these parts and had great fun. I gained a lot of confidence speaking in front of large crowds.”


“Enjoy learning different poems and playing parts in scripts as I get to try out new accents.  Phil and Elly are always very fun and helpful.”


“Love drama, it is great fun playing different games each week and learning about different poets.”

Ryan & Colin

From Past Pupils

“Our childhood was spent in Eleanor and Phil’s studio, memorising lines and practicing dance steps. We would look forward to these classes each week. Not only did we learn invaluable skills when preparing for drama and ballet exams, but we gained indispensable experience performing in front of crowds in the annual shows/pantomimes, which included Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Aladdin, Snow White, Twelfth Night, and so much more. These shows were a huge part of our lives, and helped build our confidence and self-esteem more than anything else we did over the years and have instilled in us a love of drama, dance and musicals for life. The memories we made, both onstage and offstage, as part of All Stars Academy, are irreplaceable and we will always be thankful for the time we spent there.”

Emily & Olivia Burke

“I can’t recommend All Stars Academy enough, I spent so many joyful years there learning the fundamentals of speech and drama. Eleanor & Phil were so encouraging and their expertise was invaluable! I owe my acting career to the springboard they gave me and they always brought out the best in me. All Stars Academy brought me out of my shell, 10/10 recommend!”

Ian O’Reilly

“All Stars has always been a welcoming, professional (and fun!) environment which helped me build my confidence and nurtured my passion for dance. Elly and Phil have always gone above and beyond for their students whether it be for exams, shows or auditions. I was part of All Stars from the age of 5 to 18 and I can honestly say I would not be in dance college or pursuing a career in dance had it not been for Elly and Phil guiding me through every exam and helping me navigate my way through the ups and downs of the dance industry. I cannot praise them enough for all the hard work and dedication they put in and judging by how many past pupils return to help in shows and classes, I am not the only one. I would highly recommend All Stars Academy for anyone wishing to take part in dance and performing arts.”

Rachel O

“Throughout my five years attending All Stars Academy I grew so much as a performer. Phil & Ellie have years of experience and teach incredibly well. They taught me how to bring about my creative side and display it with confidence. I’ve learned so much important life skills that I use daily not just in my comedy career. All Stars always made me feel warm & welcome and not only became my coaches but good friends. Phil & Ellie often helped me with projects outside of hours that I’m extremely grateful for. I’m a proud student of All Stars Academy and would encourage any young person out there looking to dream big to start here.”

Shane Cunningham

“My time at All Stars academy makes up some of the happiest memories of my life. I adored attending classes every week, and if given the opportunity, would happily relive every second of every show. I made some of my closest friends there, in both the other students and Elly and Phil themselves. I’m so grateful for the confidence and social skills they helped me develop, without which I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I will never forget the fantastic times I had there.”

Síoda Finnerty

“Started All Stars when I was 7 and left when I was 18. All Stars didn’t just make me the actor I am today but the man I am. I had my very first taste for Stand Up Comedy as the Panto Dame all the way back in 2009.”

Jack Mckenna

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