All Stars Academy of Performing Arts

Established in 1999 throughout County Mayo and Galway, All Stars Academy of Performing Arts continues to extend the same warm welcome to our students and families as we did on the day we first opened our doors, and are proud to continue a teaching tradition which has been instrumental in the personal development of so many talented young people.

Every student who joins the Academy is an important member of our extended family; a family that, as well as offering exceptional coaching in all aspects of performing arts, also provides support, friendship and the life skills that build confidence and help students grow into well-rounded, self-assured individuals.

No matter how large or small the goal, at All Stars Academy we encourage our students to believe in themselves and develop the confidence to pursue their ambitions. Taught in a supportive, fun and creative environment, the disciplines of Musical Theatre, Speech and Drama, Ballet and Contemporary Dance bring young people together in a vibrant and joyous community to explore the magical world of performance.

Every parent wants the best for their children and All Stars Academy provides life skills, that will continue to benefit them as they progress through life.

Where your STAR shines bright